Chris Long takes on Colin Kaepernick critics

defensive end is fed up with his Twitter mentions.

Long, who worked with CBS on a piece about charity efforts he’s made in Philadelphia, Charlottesville, Va. and some other cities he’s lived in, discussed his reasons for standing during the national anthem cheap jerseys while supporting protesting teammates like Malcom Jenkins when they took a knee cheap nike nfl jerseys.

Some folks on Twitter evidently took that as license to portray Long as a shining light contrast against the shadow cast by and his social justice protests.

Well, Long was having none of that Friday night. It’s better to let him explain.

One of the sound bites included why I’ve stood for the anthem with my arm around Malcolm as he protested. I’ve been getting some compliments. Many of them attempt to illustrate why I’m Captain America for playing for free and standing for the anthem, while Colin is the opposite nfl jerseys cheap.

— Chris Long Jerseys (@JOEL9ONE) December 23, 2017

I’ve seen tweets like this before. They’ve come in the wake of Colin winning GQ man of the yr or after any other honor he’s received. Myself or JJ Watt have been used as examples of dudes more deserving. It’s obvious they’d prefer anyone over Colin. So they should know…

— Chris Long Jerseys (@JOEL9ONE) December 23, 2017

ZERO interest in being used as the anti-Colin. I support Colin’s right to protest, and what he’s protesting. He deserves a job in the NFL jerseys wholesale. He’s donated as much $ as I have to social causes.

— Chris Long Jerseys (@JOEL9ONE) December 23, 2017

When I said in the piece “it isn’t the knee, it’s what you do in the community” I was actually referencing Colin + others. Players involved symbolically have done well following the symbolism w action. If they didn’t, it’d be an empty gesture.

— Chris Long Jerseys (@JOEL9ONE) December 23, 2017

Additionally, for the crowd that swears the knee is the litmus test for social consciousness or real action in America, we’re also intellectually at odds.

— Chris Long Jerseys (@JOEL9ONE) December 23, 2017

So if you like me all the sudden because you saw on the news that I do a lot of charity work and I’d like to improve America, you should probably give Colin and others a second look.

— Chris Long Jerseys (@JOEL9ONE) December 23, 2017

Tell us how you really feel, Chris.

He also added this gem when a Twitter challenger took him on directly.

You’re on the ‘Fence’ Slick, what’s done is done. We’ll see how things shake out during new negotiations for Thurs Night Football jerseys. Curious to see next seasons proposed financial package compared to this seasons TNF

— GBailey (@GrgeBails) December 23, 2017

No, I’m on the side of the fence of people who are capable of thinking with nuance and it’s obvious you’re on the other side.

— Chris Long Jerseys (@JOEL9ONE) December 23, 2017

Well said, Chris. In a culture where voices shout down social justice warriors as the only possible reasons for a declining interest in the NFL, Long is biting back here, giving voice to a side that’s fed up with the insistence that protests are to blame wholesale nfl jerseys.

Just maybe, there’s a significant group who’s frustrated with football because of the league’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick Jerseys, not Colin Kaepernick Jerseys himself.